A2B Transit’s Health & Safety + Risk Assessment Procedure:

It is of great importance that we operate in a safe manor and consider everyones safety including ourselves our customers and the general public during the time we are at work.

In the removals industry the main risks are associated with lifting and manoeuvring objects in and out of properties and vehicles therefore clear and safe walkways and good access is essential.

These are our safety guidelines which must be adhered to:

  • Vehicle inspection is completed before it is used and monitored on route to the destination. We will only start work with a vehicle that is operating as normal and fit for use. Should the vehicle become not fit to use during the job we will stop using the vehicle until it is made fit for use. We would use another vehicle to complete the job or look at an alternative solution if repairs could not be made within that day.
  • If driving conditions are too hazardous we will not drive our vehicles until it is safe to do so. If driving conditions change and become too dangerous while we are driving we will stop at a safe place until it is safe to continue.
  • On arrival to the premises we are about to work at we will asses the safe parking of our vehicles and carry out any necessary precautions such as positioning traffic cones or condoning off. If we believe there is any danger which we cannot safely prevent we will not risk parking there and look for an alternative if possible.
  • We will then visually assess the premises for any risks while looking at how we will plan the job to be completed in a safe manner. If we should find any risks we will make the area safe and risk free if possible. If we cannot make an area safe we will not work in that area until it is made safe.
  • If we find that we have not got the correct personal protective equipment to carry out the job safely we will not continue until we have it.
  • If an item is too heavy or dangerous to move we will not move it until ┬áit is made safe to do so or we have the right facilities.
  • Once the job has started we will continue to asses any risks throughout the entire time as the environment around us changes with objects being moved around and repositioned. Should an area become unsafe during this time we will make the area safe. If we cannot make the area safe we will not work in that area until it is made safe.
  • We will inform ourselves and our customers or general public within our workplace of any risks we know about and do our best to prevent any hazards maintaining a safe work environment at all times.
  • People who are not members of our team are prohibited to use our equipment or enter our vehicles.
  • Children and animals are to be kept supervised at all times by a responsible adult and kept within a safe environment.
  • We will only work within sufficiently illuminated areas. If an area becomes too dark we will not work in that area until it is safely illuminated.
  • If a member of our team becomes ill or has an injury they will stop working until they feel fit to start again and another one of the team agrees that it is safe for them to continue.
  • If the weather is not safe to operate in we will not start the job until it is safe or if the weather should become unsafe during the job we will assess the situation and make a decision on whether we will continue or not.

These guidelines are here for our own safety and anyone in the area.